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This project’s assessment is done  remotely. No one will be sent to your home or office.

Our clients need to send us an email, with pictures of each area to be worked on attached, instruction will be provided by our Virtual Technical Consultant.

Any questions about the project will be answered up to a month after its delivery.


We will schedule a virtual assessment, taking no longer than 20 minutes. We analyze the pictures submitted for changes to be done, all remotely.

At that point we make suggestions of layout changes, and ways to optimize the use of available space keeping it cost effective.

Our remote consultation is done thru Skype or Facetime.


Once assessment is done, we email a budget for approval. Once approved and contract is signed, the detailed project is provided, listing materials, products, services and schedule of execution.

OBS. Detailed project will only be available after project is approved and paid.


Cost is determined by each area to be worked on. Each Organization method is priced differently, depending on measurements and difficulty level. In case Cleaning or other services we don’t offer are needed, the service will be optional in the final report, and separate from our “Organizing” service.

There is a visit fee of $30,00.

OBS. If project is approved, visit fee is credited to final cost.


Direct Deposit/ Cash / Credit/Debit Cards (Tax Included)