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Suggestions, solutions and detailed instructions for a quick organization, distinct and design friendly ideas, makes no need of skilled workers to execute, makes it a very affordable option.


We set up an appointment in your home or office, no longer than 1 hour, we will make practical suggestions, layout changes, different colors, how to better utilize the space, and suggest cost effective purchases.


After the appointment we will email a project detailing the services to be applied.

OBS. Detailed project will only be available after project is approved and paid.Cost:


Cost is determined by each area to be worked on. Each Organization method is priced differently, depending on measurements and difficulty level. In case Cleaning or other services we don’t offer are needed, the service will be optional in the final report, and separate from our “Organizing” service.

There is a visit fee of $30,00.

OBS. If project is approved, visit fee is credited to final cost.


Direct Deposit/ Cash / Credit/Debit Cards (Tax Included)