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We do houses, commercial and residential buildings, factories, private entities, hospitals, clubs, schools, including all sectors of Landscaping, providing selected materials and specialized services that guarantee high quality results.

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance, since it has to be done periodically, is on a set schedule, considering the peculiarities of each garden, with the goal of preserving as much as possible the original characteristics of the area, or execute modifications ordered by the client. These services are done in scheduled dates and time determined by the client, respecting all established conditions.

Landscaping Services: 

  • Garden cleaning, removing papers, plastic, cigarettes and other materials:
  • Removal of invading plants - weed
  • Plant growing control, to avoid a plant overshadowing another to keep the garden’s characteristics.
  • Tree pruning according to species or season.
  • Application of pesticides when needed.
  • Plowing
  • Refilamento ao entorno das árvores;
  • Recorte da vegetação para delineação dos canteiros;
  • Free chemical fertilization once a year;
  • Grass moaning;

Monthly visit of a Gardener to check:

  • If irrigation is correct;
  • If a particular specie needs recovering or substitution;
  • If pests are present;

We are responsible for:

  • Perfect execution of hired services in all steps, till its conclusion and final approval from customer.
  • Qualified labor
  • Change of staff, that are not correctly doing their jobs;
  • Equipment, tools, and machinery appropriate for the job;
  • Damage done to customer or others by an employee, machinery or any material or equipment used ;
  • Follow security measures, providing uniforms and safety equipment appropriate to each activity;
  • High quality materials, with known origin, excluding plants, topsoil and organic fertilizers, that are estimated and charged separately.