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Accessories, Jewelry & Makeup

Do you ever think your house is too small and you can never find what you are looking for? This could be a symptom of bad organization.

We believe the majority of women love their accessories and jewelry.

Jewelry spread out in a drawer? Earrings missing one side? Tangled? To not have an organizer is not an excuse…. Its necessary to re organize everything so we can use it and not accumulate so much.

There are many items: handbags, wallets, shoes, necklaces, fine linen, belts, sun glasses, bracelets, and many other accessories, let alone clothing, that occupy a large space. That is the reason some techniques are so important in organizing accessories.

This items end up occupying a good chunk in your closet (or bedroom), but there are very creative solutions to store ir. The cool part about thinking in ways of organizing the accessories is that many can give a nice charm to the ambient. The important is to know there are no rules, just just practical ways that facilitate visualization, handling, and conservation of pieces.